Burlesque show in Berlin. 2013. click here to see the full series

I made this series during the workshop “Cinema Mundi” given in Berlin by Stefano de Luigi , included in the program of the Photo Berlin festival of photography. The result of the work is a group gallery in which some of these pictures are included. We followed the idea of the relation between the city of Berlin and the cinema. Can be seen in the link below


1452012_10151651999276856_540846023_n12655_10151651999211856_338058720_n1456789_10151651999231856_304673722_n 1455966_10151651999091856_1982392573_n 1393203_10151651998921856_1441847510_n 1456598_10151651999016856_2014512673_n 1395779_10151651998971856_947450379_n 1012904_10151651998886856_431842065_n 1385614_10151651998876856_809110221_n 1426745_10151651998836856_1667854922_n 603972_10151651998821856_1034596930_n 558017_10151651998691856_1201901434_n 575717_10151651998701856_1193098935_n 1450034_10151651998686856_1755586835_n 1456772_10151651998681856_259187864_n 1450248_10151651998666856_1899767246_n 75500_10151651998636856_538023913_n 1425793_10151651997861856_210730182_n 943707_10151651998881856_569880308_n 1425793_10151651997861856_210730182_n


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